RV Parts

We have a large selection of repair parts in stock. Our new facility will have a 40' x 60' show room for displaying a larger number of parts

Any parts we do not have, we can order and many have the next day for you. Alternatively you can order the parts yourself and have them delivered to your doorstep.



We carry Amsoil products and use them in our vehicles and customers vehicles.

We keep the most commonly used Amsoil products and can get others usually within a day or two.



Performance Truck

We install performance Diesel Truck products. Tune up the performance of your truck to give more power and fuel mileage for towing that RV.

Big Bear Diesel supplies the parts and we install them.



We have Pro Series batteries available and will have a full selection when we open the new store.
We have accounts with Interstate batteries and will have a full selection of interstate batteries when we open the new store.


Currently the two closest places to fill with propane are Mr Bass in Skiatook and Burns Propane north of Oolagah.

In our new facility, we intend to propane as well.

14179 S Hwy 169 - Oologah, OK 74053 -- Phone 918-704-8329