Roof Repairs - Wood Rot, Leaks, and Rubber Roof replacement

At Green Country RV Doctor, we specialize in rubber roof maintenance, repair and replacement.

Manufacturers like the rubber membrane roof for its light weight and ease of installation on the factory floor. This technology has a sleek look, however, the rubber membrane roof is more susceptible to damage from brushing overhanging tree limbs than metal or fiberglass roof materials.

Untended roof tears or defective seals around roof openings may allow water to get to the particle board or plywood substrate and eventually to the sidewalls of the coach. Undetected leaks may result in mold, mildew and expensive repairs.





We use only the highest grade materials (Dicor) ensuring that you have years of trouble free enjoyment from your RV Whether you just need a semi annual roof inspection or a complete roof replacement we will be more than happy to assist you. We offer competitive rates and a timely service to make your repair seem less like an inconvenience.


Roof Repairs - Cleaning and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will help you obtain maximum service life from your rubber roof. This service includes cleaning the roof and applying UV protectant, and checking the roof and seals around all roof openings for leaks or tears. The inspection lets us find and repair any damage before it causes any damage.


Partially Clean Roof


The following is recommended for RVs with a rubber membrane roof:

  • Anyone cleaning or walking on a rubber membrane roof should wear soft-sole shoes with clean soles when walking on the roof to prevent tearing or damaging the membrane.
  • Only use self-leveling lap sealers approved for a rubber membrane roof such as Dicor 510 LSW (check your coach documents).
  • Never use Kool Seal (from Home Depot, etc.) on an RV roof (they are for standing structures only).
  • Never use silicone sealant or C-10 Flow Seal on a rubber membrane roof (they may react chemically and damage the roof).

Proper preventive maintenance up front can save thousands of dollars in repairs.


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