Replacing Rubber Roofs

 Replacing Rubber roofs is a very labor intensive process.  Whether a rubber roof has been hit by a tree, worn by age, or storm damage, a full rubber roof replacement is often your best option.

The following walks you through our processes of replacing a rubber roof and explaining some differences in our work and other shops.

Starting a Re-roofing project

We remove all old hardware from the roof.  We thoroughly check the roof for structural damage.  The most common places to find rot issues are around sky lights and the front and rear caps.

We scrape and remove all areas of rotted wood, removing back to solid under structure.  We fit replacement wood pieces and securely fasten back to the frame.


We redeck the roof using cabinet grade luan.  The difference between our roofs and everyone else’s is that we have modeled our roof replacements after the upper end RV’s giving you the highest quality roof.

  Other repair facilities apply the luan directly down using no glue and then staple it down.  Over time the staples can work back up through the rubber membrane and cause leakage. 

We glue our luan down and attach it with screws directly to the roof trusses.  Then we fill all the holes with a marine grade filler and sand the entire roof till it is smooth.



As you can see in this photo all edges and joints have been taped using a mesh seaming tape.  Other shops use duct tape and this does not allow the roof membrane to adhere to the roof structure.  We want the best possible adhesion to eliminate potential areas for the membrane to become unattached from the roof.


Applying glue and membrane

The glue is applied with an even and thorough coverage to assure complete adhesion of the rubber to the roof. After the glue has been applied the rubber membrane is rolled out and stretched. This process is repeated every 2 ft. on the roof.


Finished Roof

                After the glue has set for at least 48 hrs. the components are reinstalled and the final calking done.



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